Scaling up liquid formulations can present a number of challenges related to mixing, solubility, viscosity and filtration. With complex solutions, suspensions and emulsions, these issues can become even more magnified as the liquid formulation transitions from feasibility to commercialization.

At Cambrex, our technicians are here to address your unique manufacturing and packaging challenges as you advance your liquid product to market efficiently and confidently. With fully integrated pharmaceutical development and liquid manufacturing services for oral solutions and suspensions, including pediatric liquid dose forms, we work with you to help you meet your goals.

As our development facilities are co-located within our commercial manufacturing operations, we can seamlessly transition from pre-formulation and formulation development throughout clinical studies and into commercial manufacturing.

Our liquids expertise is supported by in-house quality and microbiology labs, robust quality systems and a team of highly skilled technicians to support your manufacturing needs. We currently supply liquid dosage forms commercially to the US, Canada and throughout Europe.

Liquid Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services

Our manufacturing capabilities cover a wide variety of technologies:

  • Pilot, clinical trial material, and commercial-scale manufacturing
  • Segregated manufacturing suites
  • Liquid cGMP batch sizes from 10 L to 4,400 L
  • Suspension cGMP batch sizes from 10 L to 4,400 L
  • Compartmentalized, controlled environment and XP Liquid compounding
  • Controlled substances (CI – CV)
  • Extensive range of vessel, filtration and mixing options
  • Vacuum-rated, steam-heated and water-cooled jacketed vessels
  • Nitrogen/inert gas blanketing
  • HEPA air filtration
  • Facility lighting options for light-sensitive materials

Liquid Capabilities

We can help with all monophasic and biphasic formulations, including complex solutions, suspensions and emulsions:

  • Oral liquids
  • Taste-masking
  • Aqueous and solvent-based systems and premixes
  • High-pressure and high-shear homogenization
  • Oral suspensions
  • Product heating and cooling

Liquid Packaging Capabilities

Our liquid packaging lines are versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of formulations:

  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • Sizes from 10 mL to 4 L

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